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Song Ideas for March 5th

Here’s where you can submit ideas in the comments (or email me to and I’ll add them to the list.

If you have links to lyrics, chords, videos or what-have-you please include those.

I’ve put together another Evernote to hold lyrics sheets, and here’s the YouTube Playlist. We’ll add to both of those as new material comes in.

As always, as we go around the circle folks will be able to lead or suggest songs that don’t make this prep list, but I’d encourage you to submit ideas here if possible, so we can get some familiarity with the songs ahead of time.

Come sing with us on March 5th!

Next Singalong July 3rd

Greetings from Singalong Central.

Our next Key City Singalong will be held on Thursday evening, July 3rd, from 7 to 9 PM at Feed Arts Center.

We’ll return to a song circle structure this month, with everyone who would like to do so leading or choosing a song. Feel free to bring lyric sheets, songbooks and chord progressions to share.

This is the night before Independence Day, so come join us and start your celebration with some traditional American Music.

Kankakee Folk Music Singalong